Our Wines

"Six Wines, Six Regions &
Six stories to discover and to discover yourself."

The beauty of a wine lies in the harmonious fusion of all its distinctive and unique traits.

Embarking on a captivating journey of exploration that commences with the intriguing story behind it, extends to its captivating appearance, alluring aroma, and delightful taste, and culminates with the profound emotions it elicits.

Only when you’ve finished a bottle of wine will you truly understand its essence and maybe, also, a little bit more about yourself.

It is at that very moment, at the last droplet on the tip of your tongue that you will veraciously connect with the magic of wine that will awaken your consciousness to new divinations.

Our land is a diverse and rich winemaking region, known for its exceptional wines and historical traditions.

Each of the wines we have carefully elaborated represents the authenticity of their respective regions, showcasing the unique character, flavors, and aromas that make Catalan wines so special.

Whether you’re a wine enthusiast or simply looking to discover new sensations, we invite you to savor the distinct tastes and stories of Catalonia with our wines.

Our hope is that each bottle transports you to the vineyards, towns, and people who made it possible, and that you enjoy every sip with an appreciation for the art and craft of winemaking.

M.S.B. Pur

Pur is our most iconic red wine, with a production of less than 800 bottles and elaborated in the small and beautiful town of Porrera, in the Qualified Designation of Origin Priorat; one of the only two qualified regions in Spain. Elaborated with the big-hearted winemakers Josep Maria del Aguila & Mayte Pellicer, this wine is undoubtedly the true DNA of Priorat.

The wine is elaborated from two single and unique vineyards named “La Balma”’ with vines ranging the age of 20 to 30 years old, and “La Parada” with vines ranging from 80 to 100 years of age, both planted with the red grape varieties, Carignan and Red Grenache, the two queens of the region.

After a hand-picked selected harvest and a following controlled alcoholic fermentation, we then leave the wine resting for approximately 12 months in 1000 litres Inox tanks before moving it into second and third year French Oak Barrels. Here the wine remains in the aging stage for approximately 8 months before finally bottling it.

Pur is a non-filtered aged red wine that preserves the purity of artisanal and traditional winemaking with minimal both, human and chemical intervention, taking you into a sensorial journey through the vineyards of this small town of Porrera, in Priorat.  It is a wine of landscape, mind, soul and body, elegant and very fine. A small treasure that represents the authenticity and rusticity in its most subtle version.

A medium to full-bodied structured red wine showcasing red and black fruits, spices, smooth tannins and a long persistent after-taste; here is where you’ll  unlock the secrets of this dark ruby rustic gem. 

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