The Labels

“Our vision for this project lies in the tradition of creating meaning and memories through Art. This one, is a valuable treasure gifted to us by history and it is through this that we have come to know our roots, understand the human condition and visit landscapes of the past."

Mary’s approach to creating the wine labels was inspired by Joan Miró’s sensitivity to his environment, painting style and philosophy – “I work like a gardener or a winemaker. Things come slowly. My vocabulary of forms, for example – I didn’t discover it all at once. It formed itself almost in spite of me. Things follow their natural course. They grow, they ripen…, ripening goes on in my mind.”

The organic nature of the wine labels parallels the quintessence process of art and wine making; natural, intuitive and time-sensitive. The pursuit of beauty takes time, and it takes an eternity to practice. 

Art and Wine is the perfect consummation of purpose, power and panacea, and we raise our glasses to that.

Six labels from six different regions have been created in different styles, motivated by personal dreams and interpretations, making each wine characteristically distinctive and special.

The labels – Pur, Essència, Aura and Lila – were painted with acrylic paints to create a highly textured and vibrant nature to match the richness of Priorat’s terroir, Conca de Barbera, Montsant and Empordà respectively. Penedès is known to be one of the most ancient viticultural areas in Europe and being close to the coast inspired Mary’s choice to use watercolours for the wine Daurat. Blanca’s label brings you up close and personal with this grape that embodies the microcosm of the world of wine which is translated with the transparency of water colours.

"Little details are nestled within each label hiding secrets and revealing narratives inherent to our journeys ready for you to discover."

M.S.B. Pur

Mary feels that the greatest gift of life on the mountain is time. The artwork for Pur is a personal trip down memory-lane. It is a reminder that Time is a precious gift as with every moment that leads up to the Present.

The journey is what makes life worth living for; It is arduous and breathtaking at the same time and for all it’s worth, the fruits of hard work always tastes the sweetest.

Priorat is truly the holy grail of every wine enthusiast’s experience, and I want the art to encapsulate the quintessence of the land with all it’s grandiosity and pureness; that you will even miraculously taste the fragrance of the earth in a glass of Pur.

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