Our Artist

“Art has a unifying power that gives birth to new worlds, where it connects people to people, land to land. Similarly, it transcends boundaries the way wine does. The more heartfelt the shared experience is, the more universal it becomes. Hence the importance of art and wine for they nurture the great unity between minds, bodies and souls."

Sometimes, we find what we’re looking for, not by looking but by waiting to be found; nothing happens by coincidence and everything is connected. Unfortunately (or not), most times, what finds us is not entirely what we anticipated but as with all blessings in disguise, our timely encounter ended up more precious than expected.

Mary’s understanding of the land’s characteristics, heart and soul stems back to 2017 when she visited Montroig del Camp in Catalunya, Spain. Here, she learnt about Joan Miró, a Catalan artist from Spain who lived and worked here, in Montroig del Camp from 1911 to 1976 where he devoted himself entirely to painting landscapes while developing a meticulous painting style paying close attention to details.

An affinity was sparked over a tipple of wine in 2018 in Singapore when Miquel and Mary connected over shared experiences in the Region of Priorat. Mary knew at once that a new chapter of her life now rests in the Project.

She believes that Art captures the essence of wine in the way both are created and nurtured; with love, authenticity and discipline. Their innate impulses are similar. Both endeavours to introduce new ways of experiencing, to delight the senses, and to ignite our imaginations.

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