The Project

“In essence, we want to build genuine relationships with the people we work with, share our passion for the world of wine and cultivate an ecosystem with mutual experiences where wine & art lovers ​can revel in our dreams together."

M.S.B Somms & Vineyards focuses on making distinctives wines in limited productions, elaborated with autochthonous grape varieties and under a brand that is representative of different wine regions within the Designations of Origin of Catalunya. It is the result of the ambition and desire to continue sharing the beauty of Catalunya’s rich winemaking history and culture to the best of our abilities along with renowned winemakers while continuing the unique relationship we share with each of them.

Our wines are extraordinary treasures, a testament to the anonymous work by generations of men and women from the world of wine. We are proud of our wines whose representation and characteristics are native to the land it was cultivated, grown and elaborated in – Priorat, Conca de Barberà, Montsant, Penedès, Terra Alta and Empordà.

The finishing touch on the image and soul of this project is with a Singaporean artist, Mary Bernadette Lee, who has personalized each wine with hand-painted labels. They are created with careful consideration of its cultural and environmental background as we take inspiration from the beauty of Mother Nature, and the people that have been involved in the generational tradition and history of winemaking in our land.

When it comes to suppliers and distributors, we do not just purchase from them, but we work closely with those companies who share the same values, as we work together towards a more sustainable wine industry making every detail and material involved in this project to be very important and carefully selected, as we always prioritize quality over quantity.

At M.S.B Somms & Vineyards, we do it differently by focusing on the needs of our customers who are always looking for trust, value and quality when buying wines. We pride ourselves on focusing on trying to increase your experience, no matter where in the world you are.

Led by a team of renowned wine professionals we are fully committed to build a home and a family where different personalities can contribute to make this an exciting and joyful adventure.

“We hope with all our desires that our wines weave their way into your hearts, as much as we enjoy making them for you."
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