Wine Dinner Gaig Singapore

By M.S.B. Somms & Vineyards

M.S.B. Somms & Vineyards recently launched their first-ever Wine Dinner at Gaig Restaurant Singapore on July 13th, 2023. The event showcased an outstanding collection of 6 wines, which were perfectly paired with a degustation menu curated by the young disciple of Carles Gaig, Chef Martí Carlos Martínez and lead by the Director of the restaurant, Núria Gilbert, daughter of Carles Gaig.

The iconic Catalan chef was born to be a chef. He grew up in the Horta neighborhood of Barcelona, where his family had been running the Taberna d’en Gaig since 1869. Although he was always helping out at the restaurant, it wasn’t until the 1970s when his mother’s blindness forced him to take over the reins of the Taberna. Today, his mother and great-grandmother’s influences can still be seen in the care and attention he puts into preparing classic recipes, such as his famous cannelloni, which has been on the menu since he started the business.

Carles is known for his passion for blending tradition and innovation, and this is reflected in the renovation of his restaurant in 1989, which he renamed Restaurant Gaig. Under this name, his restaurant was awarded a Michelin Star in 1993. Since then, he has received many more accolades, including the National Award for Best Chef in 1999 from the Real Academia de Gastronomia.

In 2015, Carles advised a Catalan restaurant in Singapore. At the beginning of 2017, he opened a new restaurant called Gaig a Casa, which offers food to take away, lunchtime dining, and private events with the option of show cooking. He also advised a new space located at El Prat Airport (Air Zone of T1). Recently, Carles opened a new restaurant in Singapore, named Gaig Restaurant, which features his unique style and cuisine.

The Wine Dinner at Gaig Restaurant was a true showcase of Catalan culinary expertise, paired with M.S.B. Somms & Vineyards’ exceptional wines. The event was a resounding success, and guests were treated to a sensory experience like no other. The six wines that were presented perfectly complemented the degustation menu which included amongst others, the famous Cannelloni from Carles Gaig or the traditional Black Rice both perfectly executed by Chef Martí, enhancing the flavors of each dish and leaving a lasting impression on the attendees.

In conclusion, the Wine Dinner at Gaig Restaurant Singapore was a night to remember, bringing together the talents of two exceptional entities: M.S.B. Somms & Vineyards and Carles Gaig. The event showcased the best of both worlds, with exceptional wines and culinary delights, served in a stunning setting. The success of the event ensures that there will be more exciting collaborations to come in the future and hopefully, to present this time the next 6 wines M.S.B. Somms & Vineyards will be elaborating and releasing in the coming years.

Gaig Restaurant Singapore

16 Stanley St, Singapore 068735

+65 6221 2134

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