“Elaborating wines with passion, Savoir-Faire & Art"

Join us through the journey of M.S.B. Somms & Vineyards, founded in 2018 with a passionate vision of sharing the finesse of our Catalan wines with enthusiasts around the globe.

We unite with prestigious Catalan winemakers to bring and showcase the authenticity and complexity of the wines crafted in diverse winemaking regions throughout Catalunya.

Each limited series of our wines is bottled in numbered editions, reflecting the evolution of its uniqueness in each vintage. From the vineyard to the bottle, we are devotedly working in every step of the elaboration, ensuring that each of them embodies the essence of our artisanal approach to the beautiful and romantic world of wine.

Events & News

Article Spillmag Asia

Article Spirited Singapore

Wine Dinner Gaig Singapore

M.S.B. Launch at 67 Pall Mall

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